Saturday, September 27, 2008

More BYU Football Stuff

The past two weekends have been all about BYU football. The girls love going with me... woop, gotta run Kira is done with Guitar

Sunday, September 7, 2008

BYU squeeks by Washington

A few of the kids and I had a great time watching BYU play over at "fwampa's" house. As always, he's a great host for a BYU football game.

This win will be talked about all season if BYU remains undefeated as there was a lot of controversy after the game given what was a pretty tough call on UW... tough call, but followed the rules of the game.

We can't wait for the UCLA game next week. The stadium is going to be loud and this will be one of the few games remaining on BYU's schedule (and the only one at home) that should be even close.

The conference is terrible again this year, only TCU and Utah should even give the Coogs a game.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My one and only political blog

I've come to really dislike the politics.

There was a time, not too long ago, I liked listening to the talking heads -- some from both sides. I thought Rush and Hannity were entertaining. I liked Chris Matthew's inside views of politics from the left side.

Now they all sound like a bunch of yap dogs.

I know I believe the federal government has grown so far beyond what the founding fathers had intended, they would be shocked to find Americans tolerating this. Our founding fathers revolted over an unjust tea tax. Today we have to tell the government just about everything we do so they can properly asses how much we owe them. I cannot see Jefferson or Madison tolerating that level of intrusion into our lives. But no one is talking about changing this.

I know the Democrats don't care about this intrusion and want to give the government even more power -- but they care most about funding their friends through tax breaks and legal reform

I know the Republicans only pretend to care about this -- because mostly they care about funding their friends from office and writing more garbage into the tax code to do so.

I now firmly believe the best government is one that is divided and paralyzed by their own sycophantic infighting. At least that way they can't continue to waste our money on their friends -- because they can't agree which friends to fund.

I do not think it was a coincidence the last balanced budget was accomplished by a deeply divided Washington.... they couldn't agree on how to waste our money.

I've been a life-long republican -- but George Bush as cured me of that. With perhaps the exception of Jimmy Carter, he has easily been the worst president of my lifetime. I do, in fact, think he is an utter moron who was never qualified for the job. The last four years he has been completely inept and, as far as I can tell, enjoying the golf perks and little else. His insistance on giving his unqualified friends jobs in high office -- and remaining loyal to their incompetence -- is literally stunning.

BTW, I think Barack Obama is another utter moron who is wholly unqualified for the job. He is largely the same as GWB, only on the flip-side of the spectrum. He speaks in platitudes and has no clue how impractical most of the stuff he spouts is in real life.

John McCain is so dull I'd rather watch paint dry than hear him speak.

I've enjoyed learning much more about the business world over the past several years as my interest in this garbage has waned. Some people worry about the power of Corporations -- and probably rightfully so.

However, given the choice between a world controlled by corporations and a world controlled by the likes of Obama and Bush, you will excuse me if I'm glad the corporations, which are governed by people of substance -- have more power than these political yahoos who seem only qualified to win a High School populatarity contest.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Football season is here!

Katie and I had a great time at the first BYU football game... Here's a picture of the two of us. Great seats we had just above the concourse.