Friday, August 8, 2008

Back Online

The past few months have been very busy with summer, lots of transitions going on at work, some significant successes, and just having fun.

We are very excited for Mom and Dad to get home. Just to see them for one. The kids have improved their boating skills and can't wait to show grandpa what they can do. Krista is pressing me for a couple more trips so she can get slalom skiing down.

Kids have been busy in other activities too including girls camp, EFY, etc.

I can't believe school starts in just over a week! Holy Where did the summer go Batman? It feels like we really were short-changed this year since it didn't warm up until mid June.

I had a great pre-return to school meeting with all the kids this past week to set goals. Those conversations become more and more interesting as they get older. Cool thing about storing them on the computer is I have goals from the kids going back to 2000 when I started putting them on excel. It's fun to see all the different things they've wanted to do at different ages.

The scary part about that is I remember writing Kira's goals in 2000 like it was yesterday and in that same amount of time all our kids will be graduated from High School. Yikes.

One fun note from me... I have spent my personal free time on my favorite hobby: Airplanes. Prices have come waaaay down on the stuff for them, so my planes have gotten bigger. This one was on sale for $160 (usually ones this big are $400+). It ended up being an early birthday present... I flew it for the first time last Saturday morning... it flies great!


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Heidi P said...

That plane is so cool!! Its huge! I want to see your kids' skills on the boat! We need to plan a family boating day, maybe someplace with a beach, so we can take turns. Yuba?
I can't believe you have a senior in high school!? You are such a good dad.
Glad your back blogging :) We have missed you!

Betty Grace said...

Krista can ski? We need to get together more!

Stephanie F. said...

Yay, you blogged!!!
Wow, Kira's a senior, crazy!
I agree with Heidi, family boating day. Let's plan it.
Love the airplane, it's HUGE.

Darren Hintze said...

How about family boating day Aug 30th? The dock by Heidi has some nice grassy areas. Provo harbor for Utah lake isn't bad either.

There's some nice beaches up at Jordanelle, but it gets very crowded on Saturdays.