Sunday, September 7, 2008

BYU squeeks by Washington

A few of the kids and I had a great time watching BYU play over at "fwampa's" house. As always, he's a great host for a BYU football game.

This win will be talked about all season if BYU remains undefeated as there was a lot of controversy after the game given what was a pretty tough call on UW... tough call, but followed the rules of the game.

We can't wait for the UCLA game next week. The stadium is going to be loud and this will be one of the few games remaining on BYU's schedule (and the only one at home) that should be even close.

The conference is terrible again this year, only TCU and Utah should even give the Coogs a game.


Stephanie F. said...

Fwampas, haha!
Who's to say the kick wouldn't have been blocked anyway, or they would've made the 2 points they were probably going to go for. I know we would have been pretty mad if that call was made against BYU though. Did you hear Bronco after the game? He said there were a lot of calls made or not made during the game that could've changed the outcome either way, which I'm sure is true. It was probably just so upsetting with only seconds left in the game.
I couldn't have handled overtime :)

Heidi P said...

Haha your right Darren, you are the anti-blogger of the family. Step it up GREAT one! :)