Friday, February 22, 2008

Family Video

Here's a quick experiment with a video upload... It should be a sample of a video compilation I've been doing of all our home videos... (Warning: It may take a while to load @ 21MB -- it's not in its fully compressed form yet.)

I'm not pleased with the way .wmv compressed the music... and it's not quite done... but for those of you who may have missed my kids' younger years, there are some pretty classic shots in here. Krista with her "raggie". Kira talking to the camera (we have hours and hours of this). And Katie in her little dances.



Stephanie said...

Okay, you got me to tears. The song the video. I love your family :)

Heidi Irene said...

I love all the dancing videos. And the girls when they were so tiny making a music video. And I am dieing over Kelsy and Kira in your suits doing a newscast!? Hilarious! Cute Family! I love your girls!

Anonymous said...

Glad you guys liked it... wanted to check the anonymous posting here.


Betty Grace said...

So cute! How did i miss all those dance recitals!