Saturday, April 26, 2008

Funny quick hit

Some of the funniest reading you will find comes from Utah county police reports. One of my all-time favorites was the Nephi police busting an "Education Week Ticket Forgery" ring. I couldn't decide which was funnier: Some dork printing fake Education Week tickets in his basement, losers actually buying fake tickets from him, or the police finding enough time to crack down on it.

This one was highlighted on the BYU board and it's great. Hey Heidi... this is Will and Luke in a few years:

April 8: A 6-year-old boy called the police when his 9-year-old brother would not let him watch television. BYU police checked the situation to make sure the boys were supervised. Both boys were fine.


Stephanie F. said...

Where do you read the police reports??
If your brother is not letting you watch TV, it is definitely an emergency!!!

Betty Grace said...

Where do you read those? Maybe the brother didn't call "I turned it on, I get to watch what I want, no doies, no anythings, no nothings, no matter what."

Heidi said...

Ha! That is awesome. I just taught Will how to call 911, I am glad it hasn't been used for an 'emergency' yet! : )