Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vacation Pictures

Here's a brief description and some pictures from our vacation.

We left on Friday with me doing work most of the way to LA. We stopped and visited a really great new customer in St. George and I had a bunch of calls to do. But Saturday we were up bright and early to hit Disneyland. Disney has been a favorite vacation site for some time. We always end the day with our "Mountain Tour" of rides which includes: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and the Matterhorn.

Cool thing happened... the Matterhorn broke while we were near the top of the ride. We were stopped and the workers had to come get us and walk us down through the inside of the mountain. It was surprisingly dirty and noisy... Disney definitely takes some control and work to keep moving... Great view though of an iconic ride that most won't ever see.

Here's a pic of the Thunder Mountain:

Sunday we left on the Cruise. I'll cover destinations here although we spent Sunday evening and Monday cruising on the ship.

Cabo San Lucas was our first port. Cabo is very unique situated right at the end of Baja California. There were more boats going in and out of Cabo harbor (mostly small water taxi's) than I have seen anywhere. Here's a shot of the harbor from the inland side taken from a restaurant patio. From here we took a glass-bottom water taxi tour around the area.

The water taxi ride was a highlight of the trip. The water near Cabo is beautiful and the effect of the cliffs near the water is unique. Cabo was surprisingly dry naturally (as in cactus plants everywhere dry). But the rock formations were really cool. Oh yeah, and we saw some sea lions playing around too. The rocky shot is literally the end of Baja california looking south out into the pacific ocean

Okay... this is getting to be too much of a pain to manage all these pictures in one post.... but that takes care of Disney and Cabo...

I'll add more about Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta in another entry...


Heidi said... I love that last picture. Looks like heaven. I am excited to see more pictures. It sounds like fun!

Betty Grace said...

yay, fun to get a new post from you. Love the photos. Glad you had fun. I hope the next post includes a photo of the crashed car. :)

Stephanie F. said...

Very cool Darren! Great experience on the Matterhorn :)
I need a vacation.

Livvy said...

Good words.