Sunday, October 5, 2008

Visiting Logan

Kira is getting ready to attend college next year. On top of her list of potential schools is Utah State. This past friday I took Kira, her probable roommate Ann Marie, and dad up to Logan with me to walk around campus for a while and then go to the BYU-USU football game.

We had a great time up there. The girls found a lot of the support buildings, their desired living location, and gathered some information. As we were leaving, we walked by the Aviation building and the professor invited us in. The girls sat in the pilot seats of a corporate jet that was there for training. We also were able to inspect the inner workings of several aviation motors and saw an experimental ultralight.

The game was a fun ending to the evening. Word to the wise: If you go to a USU football game, use the bathroom before you go.

I start my new job tomorrow... lots to do but I'm very excited!


Heidi P said...

Wow!? Kira in College!? That is so nuts. Fun for her though. Glad you had a good time at the game too, but I guess not the restroom part?

Good luck at the new job tomorrow!! How exciting! :)

Stephanie F. said...

You forgot to mention the gym where all the hot men work out. Haha! Cool about the aviation building.
Good luck tomorrow! You'll be great!