Saturday, March 1, 2008


Okay, so here's my homework from my sister who likes to assign blog homework, then skip town to escape the consequences (e.g. having to read my retort).

What was I doing 10 years ago:

Ten years ago I'd just moved back from Boise. Katie was 1, Krista 3, Kira 6. I was still winding my way though finishing college and working full time. Having kids that young seems a world away. Going places out was difficult. I remember how empty our neighborhood was... we had to drive 30 mins just to go to a movie. Lehi has more than doubled in size since then.

I was a scout master... and those boys returned from missions last year. It seems like it's been several years since Kira started driving and dating -- but she's not even 17 yet. Oh yeah, 10 years ago I also started my "life tracking" in excel. I only wish I'd started sooner because just putting together the plan helped us go from 100K in debt to nearly financially free.

Five Places I've Visited:
1. Seoul, Korea -- Itewan (sp?) and the emporer's gardens there are not to be missed. Also: Korean BBQ -- MMMMM!

2. Shanghai, China -- What a difference capitalism makes. All the commie buildings are dull gray with air conditioners thrown on the outsides as an afterthought. The pre-communist historical section and the post communist modern sections of the city are spectacular. Eating in the restaurant on top of the TV tower is a must.

3. Maui, Hawaii -- Mama's Fish House is the BEST place I have ever eaten. You will pay to go, it is worth every penny. Nicol and I had a table right by the beach on the North shore with all the big waves rolling in -- almost couldn't believe what we were looking at. Wait... I have a pic of that somewhere here -- Yup... this is what it looked like from our table in the restaurant.:

4. Disneyland: Disneyland is nearly an annual event for us. It's close enough for us to drive it and our kids have always been good in the car. Going to Disney World with the family in Orlando (our second trip) was so much fun! Disney is so much funner now with the older kids. We used to run around looking for characters to sign books all day.... now we finish each day with our traditional "Mountain Tour" which includes: Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain Railroad, and The Matterhorn. Here's a pic from last year's Disney trip (taken in the pool at our time share):5. Cancun, Mexico: I actually have been a couple times. The first was with the Spanish club in High School. Great trip that I have detailed in my journal and laugh every time I read it. I went later with Dad and Ray. Dad went scuba diving one day and Ray and I rented these little motos and rode all around the little island (name escapes me at the moment.)

Five things on my "To Do" list:
1. Live 2-3 months out of the year in Hawaii (top of both Nicol and my list).
2. Completely pay off my house.
3. Get my pilot's license
5. Facilitate my kids' future through education, skills training, and approval of any dork dude that may ask to marry them.

I enjoy...
Flying radio control airplaines.. which reminds me... I'm late to my club fly this afternoon -- and it is WAAAY too beautiful outside not to cut this short and go.

Five things you may not know about me...
I covered many in my 100 list.

Gotta run!


Stephanie F. said...

I need to do my assignment too :) It does seem like forever ago that your girls were little. Where did you learn to "life track"? Is it just something you decided to do? Cool. That picture from Hawaii is amazing, I need a vacation! Let's all go see Wicked together!!

Heidi Irene said...

Wow, That pic, is awesome. I went to a white sand beach with crystal blue water on our cruise, it didn't seem real either. Yes, tell us about 'life track'! And can we all come stay with you in Hawaii? And bring all our little kids to make paradise even better!! :)

Darren Hintze said...

Okay, I'll make a long post about the "life tracker" thing.

It started as a finance spreadsheet and has grown to encompass more.

I didn't get mine from anywhere -- although you can find things now that include programs and goals etc that are probably easier to understand than mine.